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Wine ID

Company created in 2006 by 3 winemakers, António Maçanita, Cláudia Favinha and Joana Maçanita is known in the market for its scientific approach to oenology, winemaking and vinification. They are also known for embracing challenges. WineID, as a consulting company, is dedicated to concept projects adjusted to the reality of the producer taking into account his objectives, scale and ambition. Together, all three partners carry with them more than 4 decades of experience in the area and different national and international experiences, but they all have the same point in common, which is the quest to achieve a quality level that allows to show the potential of each Terroir / producer and what they can offer. Whoever looks for WineID, seeks innovation allied to high scientific value with the certainty of accomplishing successful projects.


Quinta de Sant'ana

Amado Wines



Quinta João Clara


Quinta do Barradas

Herdade do Arrepiado Velho

Herdade da Maroteira