Sexy Wines

Unique wines, blends that combine grape varieties appreciated worldwide with unique local grape varieties, using old and modern techniques, mixing the old with the new to give us something we simply want to drink ... Something SEXY!

Being SEXY is enjoying life as if it was a key detail. Friends, family and adventure. It’s uncomplicated while sober and fun. Always adventurous but with the certainty of our own responsibility. SEXY wines are this measured intensity, purposely placed at a level that few wines can reach. We regard quality not as an attribute itself but with the same feeling of looking in the mirror in the morning and be able to smile. This is our philosophy, this is the fundamental drive. Winemakers and grape growers, using their know-how and interacting with nature, manage a complex process involving different levels of creation, transformation and conservation, a journey that begins in the vineyard and ends when the bottle is opened.

Their role is to understand and interact with all the variables, bringing their influence to bear on parameters such as soil, minerals, sunlight, water, temperature, grape varieties and the daily changes that affect the vineyard, the balance of the vine’s fruits, leaves and roots. The style of wines created by David Booth and António Maçanita results from combining acquired experience with intuitive understanding of grape varieties and climate in the Alentejo region. The wines reflect the genuine power of the Alentejo terroir and enhance the grape varieties used without masking their inherent qualities. As you taste SEXY wines, you can experience the heat of this region coming through in the outstanding ripe fruit and rounded tannins.



The Azores Wine Company was founded on April 3rd, 2014, by the partners António Maçanita (...)


Leading this project are the two brothers and enologists Joana and António Maçanita (...)


Portuguese winemaker António Maçanita and resident English viticulture consultant (...)